Monday, August 10, 2015

Married to Music SHINee

Oh, okay, that happened rather quickly. Like less than 24 hours quickly.
Um, what? I think I'm gonna need a few minutes, or hours, to process this video... Yeah, that was interesting, not in a bad way though. I think. It kind of felt like I was watching a Block B video, cause it was so odd... but I like Block B's strangeness. Kind of weird seeing SHINee act this way but I liked it. It felt like a Halloween party so maybe if this video came out closer to Halloween then it would feel more normal. I didn't even notice the dance cause I was so wrapped up in the oddness so I'll have to either watch it again or watch for their live performances... Yeah, wasn't expecting that video... though the girl is obviously every fangirl ever cutting out pictures of Oppa while sitting on her bed.
So I had this post written long before I left for a week, I just forgot to post it... Oops. I did however watch a live version to check out the dance and it is difficult. They're like throwing each other around and carrying people and holding others up and it's awesome.

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