Monday, March 23, 2015

Suho in Marseille

EXO fans are good... Mostly. Except for the Chanyeol mishap they've gotten at least two of the three items in each teaser correct.Either the location and time, the location and member, or the member and time. This teaser is Suho's and it takes place in Marseille at 10:22. They were correct about the member and the location. In this teaser we can hear voices speaking in the background and at 0:10 is sounds like the voice is saying "Meet me in Chicago." Then again at 0:35 the voice is a little more clear and you can hear it repeat, "Meet me in Chicago." So next location is Chicago but who is the next member? Actually, the voices are a little creepy, if you listen at the beginning you can hear it say "Where are you going? I lost you." Freaky. Well Chicago is the windy city but Sehun's already had a teaser but maybe we're getting a storm. Like first the Wind(Sehun) blows the storm in, second comes the Rain(Suho) and finally we get the Thunder and Lightning(Chen). So Chen in Chicago, and some fans are claiming they can see 5:01 written on a wall, and the twitter posted ??:01 as the next time, so maybe it will be Chen in Chicago at 5:01(17:01 if we're going by military time). Hmm, I can see why fans are loving this Sherlock game cause it is kind of fun...

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