Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pathcode Kai

Looks like the teasers for EXO's comeback are starting. We're beginning with Kai, maybe because he was the first to reach the middle of the maze in Overdose. He's in London currently but at the end of the teaser he teleports to another place. EXO fans have already started guessing where he teleported to and whose teaser will be next. EXO-L's are guessing D.O's the next member to have a teaser because the Overdose flashback was of him. We shall see. We don't get a release date yet but I'm sure we'll get one eventually. The video is titled Pathcode #Kai which I'm sure has something to do with twitter followers. I don't do twitter so I'm not sure what this means to the users but I'm sure someone does.

I'm having issues posting the teaser so for now I'll just post the link.

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