Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tao in Barcelona

Well the fans got the location correct, just not the member. Guesses were that Barcelona would e the next location for a teaser and they were right; but instead of D.O being the next member we get Tao! Looks like SM is sticking with their powers; Kai teleported out of his video and Tao froze time in his. Man, EXO-L fans are getting really crazy now trying to figure out the next location and member. So far I've read that they're thinking Madrid, Spain is next with Sehun being the next member teaser. That is just what the fans are thinking. Man, they are going all Sherlock Holmes on these teasers and I'm sitting here smiling and enjoying how nice their hair is and how fine they look in those suits. Still no release date but I'm going to guess that the 27th will be the last teaser and then maybe they'll give us one more teaser on the 30th and then the MV will come out two days after that, which is April 1st... Oh my gosh. Is this all a joke? If this is all a joke I'm pretty sure fans will be pissed.

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