Sunday, March 8, 2015

Boyfriend's Bounce

I am really liking the fantasy theme Boyfriend has going on. Now if they could only get their song to match their theme. Loved the MV but didn't love the song. I like the darker versions of tails we're seeing. Now I know that disney tends to make fairytales happy and fun but some of the originals are a bit dark and morbid even. Boyfriend is taking these tales and bringing out the darkness in them. I have heard rumors that they will be doing Cinderella next, this story isn't too dark so I'm curious to see how they will make this story work with their current concept.
Well I liked each character though I'm still a little confused about a couple members. Actually, the only two I'm positive about now are Minwoo's Mad Hatter, all the hats, and Donghyun's White Rabbit, red eyes, white face, and pocket watch. I thought Kwangmin and Youngmin were Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb but they are painting the roses red in this video so now I'm wondering if they are the Card Soldiers. I don't know. I wish they were a little more clear with the characters but I still liked it a lot.
The song, I didn't love but I didn't hate. Let me rephrase this. I liked the chorus but not the rest of the song. So far out of their "dark era" I've liked Obsession best. I've liked all of the MV's cause they're different but I haven't liked all of the songs. As always, I will keep watching to see what this group comes out with next. I hope they do a dark Cinderella, and then maybe do a tale that is already dark and make it even darker, like Pinocchio! Minwoo can be Pinocchio, Donghyun as the puppeteer, Hyunseung can be the Cricket, Youngmin as the good Fairy... Kwangmin as the cat... Jeongmin as Geppetto... Maybe? Maybe not such a good idea. I'm sure they'll come up with something good.

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