Friday, March 20, 2015

Chanyeol stuck in Arizona

EXO-L's, you guys have disappointed me. No one guessed Arizona as the next location, nor did you guess Chanyeol as the next member. The only thing you got right was the time, 5:12. SM is making their fans crazy with these cryptic teasers. I'm starting to worry for EXO-L's mental states. Okay, so one fan commented saying that he wasn't in Arizona but rather he was in Spain at the ruins of Castillo de Montbui. Now I can't find a consistent picture of these ruins without Chanyeol standing on them so I'm not going to accept that little tidbit as fact. Now the fans are claiming that Suho is next cause there was a drawn water droplet on the castle, but others say that there's a mark on the castle that looks like a lightning bolt so it's Chen, and others still claim that Sehun will be next because there's wind in the video; however, cChanyeol was wearing D.O's right so D.O must be next, but the Twitter page gave the clue of a German word meaning Ice or Frost so Xuimin has to be next and his teaser will be in Germany. Fans, I feel like you're grasping at straws right now. If the Xuimin thing turns out to be true my faith in your skills will be slightly rekindled but  until then, I have lost faith. Now onto the video. This one is my favorite so far not because I really like Chanyeol but because it's scenic and beautiful, that is until Chanyeol decides to burn down a forest. Channel, not okay. Smokey Bear says: "Only you can prevent forest fires." This means you shouldn't start them. Bad Chanyeol.

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