Friday, March 20, 2015

Xuimin Chillin' in Berlin

Alright, EXO-L's my faith in you has been not fully restored but slightly rekindled. Xuimin in Berlin, Germany. That's what we get today and let me tell you, I like this teaser a lot. He's in street clothes, listening to some pretty awesome music, and looks pretty laid back; like he just got off of a long day at work and ants to watch some TV and relax. My kind of guy right there. Xuimin has never been my favorite member but I've always liked him cause I find him hilarious and if any of the EXO members were to suddenly go crazy I feel like it would be him, not sure why I just do. Does anyone else feel like he looks a little like G-Dragon? Especially with that haircut. In this teaser for some reason I loved the way he took off that ridiculously fluffy hat and turned up his music. Xuimin, I'm not sure what you're doing to me but I like it. He also doesn't look confused in his teaser, unlike the other members who all look like they have no idea where they are or they're searching for something and looking confused. Well he doesn't look confused till the TV starts glitching that is. So the fans have guessed 15:25 as the time for the next teaser and Edinburgh as the next location, just to make sure the fans weren't pulling these theories out of thin air I checked, i.e. I accidentally paused when the TV glitched and said 15:25 Edinburgh, and saw the number 15:25 on Xuimin's TV and the location of Edinburgh written there as well. The guesses for members are D.O and Sehun. I'm thinking that fans are just guessing on this one but if it were D.O in Scotland I'd be fine with it. Just in closing, that beat Xuimin was listening to was sick. I really like it and I hope it will be on the album.
And Xuimin's video isn't working so here's the link for now.

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