Saturday, March 21, 2015

Creepy children and Sehun in Edinburgh

Alright, Sehun was the next teaser and the fans only got that right because they've been guessing Sehun since Kai's teaser came out. Now most people are guessing Suho as the next teaser because some creepy video of a child saying, "Two days later, look for Marseille." popped up on the twitter account. Marseille is a city in France by the ocean so that's why fans are guessing Suho cause his power is water and the sky darkened in video which fans took to mean rain was coming, but if we're looking at the pattern of members, Kai EXO-K then Tao EXO-M then Chanyeol EXO-K then Xuimin EXO-M and now Sehun EXO-K, we need an EXO-M member next which only leaves Lay and Chen. So maybe the sky darkening means lightning, Chen's power, and then following that therein will come. The kid said two days later which could mean Chen will come next in a different location and then Suho will follow with Marseille. Oh great, now I'm trying to figure this out. *facepalm* I really should just sit back and enjoy.
Now a lot of fans were freaking out because of the toys suspended in midair, there were seven toys and Sehun did a checkmark on his phone which looks kind of like a seven, which has to mean Luhan is coming back because his jersey number was seven and his power was telekinesis. Fans, SM is not going to bring back a member who left and sued them. They haven't yet and they aren't going to do it now.
Back to the video and the "clues". With Xuimin's teaser, fans started guessing the title of the song being released. Call Me Baby is what they came up with because if you put the first letter of each location together you get:
I'm not fully sure I believe this theory but it would be clever of the fans to notice this if it came out correctly.

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