Thursday, April 30, 2015

Big Bang are Losers?

Okay, much better than Bae Bae which felt like a reintroduction of each member; GD will sing/rap first, and then Taeyang, followed by T.O.P, Seungri, and finally Daesung. This song and video felt like it had a plot(ish) and the song was better. The song reminded me of Stupid Liar, not in the beat or tempo but rather in the message of the song and the feeling fro it. The MV, however, reminded me of GD's Crooked. The 'I don't care, life sucks,' kind of vibe was strong in both videos. The MV was very interesting and after watching it a couple times and looking up the lyrics it sort of makes sense. Each fan will interpret the video differently but from how I see it each member is telling a story. GD plays someone who comes from money, very rich, but very lonely seeing as he is alone through the whole MV and aimlessly wanders the streets till he ends up lying on the asphalt in the middle of an intersection (which I'm sure is symbolic for something). Taeyang was religious. He had some form of faith but it appears that he's lost it. I'm going to say that he committed some form of sin and he feels he can never go back so dying is the only option for him; thus he commits suicide. Seungri has a girlfriend who is cheating on him. On the outside he seems like a very composed person but it's rather clear he has serious anger issues based on the way he's smashing everything in his apartment up and the how he treats the girl when he confronts her. Daesung is a kind hearted, insecure guy. He gets attacked by a group of thugs, I'm not sure why they attack him, but he decides he needs to become stronger. After he feels confident enough he goes and attacks the three who beat him up but all that does is get him even more injured. T.O.P's story is the most interesting which is why I saved it for last. I feel like his is the one filled with the most symbolism which is why it was most difficult for me to understand. T.O.P is a clean-control-freak who doesn't want anything in his life tampered with. He's clothed head to toe while the girl he is with is in her underwear. This could be symbolic for him giving nothing of himself to her while she is the one doing the loving in this relationship. Everything in his apartment is covered in white sheets and the second the woman touches one of the sheets to see what's underneath T.O.P looses his cool. Next time we see him, he's wandering through an alley in his pajamas and covered in blood. My guess is that he snapped and killed her. The lyrics suggest that that either the girls are prostitutes, or T.O.P goes through women really quickly. The lyrics also could mean that this isn't the first time something like this has happened which maybe is why he covers everything in sheets; easy clean up. That's a little sick if you think of it.
However you interpret this video, it is very interesting.
I really liked how, in the song, one member would say "I'm a," and another member would say "loser" in a cool transition from each member's part. Very nicely done. Don't want to say much more cause I've spent a lot of time on the video but read the lyrics, they're interesting and help tell the story of the video.

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