Monday, February 23, 2015

Vixx Love Equation

Oh, well the MV is out now... Vixx's Love Equation came out today. So remember when SHINee came out with Colorful? I hardly glanced at that video cause I didn't feel like it was a real music video and they didn't really promote; I'm kind of feeling the same way about this song and video. It's cute and fine but it doesn't feel like a real music video or song that will be promoted...
I'm sure that fans of Leo will be happy cause he sort of smiled in this video and Hyuk's fangirls will be upset because he didn't sing, like at all. Did he even sing at all? I've watched it a couple times and all he did was act cute and dance, which he is good at but surely they should let him sing.... High's not even my favorite member and I feel upset about this. He sang one line in Voodoo Doll, a couple lines in Eternity, did he sing at all in Error? Give Hyuk more parts! Dang it! Well, we shall see how this song does live, if they sing it live that is. It could be like their song "Only U" and just happen but get passed over with little to no coverage.
Ravi, my opinion of your horrible English has not changed.

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