Saturday, February 28, 2015

I'm Bad, sort of.

Nu'est just released a MV and single entitled 'I'm Bad'. I am still waiting for Nu'est to release another MV like Action or Face but looks like I'll have to wait a while longer. Now, I know that this is a special single that was released while Baekho is recovering from some medical issue, I didn't look it up so I don't know the details but I hope he recovers soon, but I don't like it when groups release songs without their vocalists. SHINee did Why So Serious? without Jonghyun and while I liked the song the MV felt off cause we were missing Jonghyun. I feel the same way with this MV. Where's Baekho? Right, medical issue. :( Apart from the missing Baekho this MV felt like a photoshoot with the members just looking at the camera while sitting on the ground and in windowsills or standing by a wall or in a room with furniture and a girl danced during random sections.  The song is pretty, don't get me wrong but the MV felt very bland with no reason behind it. But Ren, what happened? I didn't even recognize you at first. I was kind of surprised by how non-girlish you looked.

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  1. NU'EST. I love you. But I have to agree with dramajunkie...what happened to your really "bad" boyness?? I'm waiting for another Face or Action.