Tuesday, December 1, 2015


BTS' new MV is called Run and came out on November 29th. Did anyone else feel like this was a continuation of I Need You? Does that mean we're gonna get another Dope style MV in a few months? The lighting, the running, the feeling, general rebelliousness of the boys,  and the freight trains all gave me a I Need You vibe. I'm excited for the live version so we can see the choreography. I wasn't a fan of V's hair, the blue wasn't right for some reason but I think RapMon and Suga looked great, and Jimin's toned down hair was good. Also, thank you J-Hope for getting rid of that horrid bowl-cut. The video was rather long but we saw the making of/behind the scenes footage as well which was amusing. I did like the song a lot. Great job boys!!

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