Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Super Junior Magic MV

Oh heavens. I just love Super Junior. They make everything great. Super Junior must have heard my cries cause this video has Yesung with all his high notes! I missed those so much. We also get Kyuhyun and Ryeowook giving us a couple of high notes which is always a good thing. But Kyuhyun, what was that dance you did in the basketball court? And Super Junior, why are you so mean to my Yesung and Ryeowook? Don't choke and kick them. I love them.
The video was cute and seemed to fit the Super Junior Style; not too serious, lots of silliness, and fun. This is probably the last MV we will get from Super junior before a few more members go off for Army duty. :( The group will be so small soon. The song was cute and fun to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I do have a question, one I've been wondering since the first day I became a fan of Super Junior. What is Heechul's role in this group? Is he a rapper or a singer or a dancer? Cause in this video he's being all three. And a gymnast with that cartwheel he did.

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