Thursday, May 14, 2015

Project Kidnap SHINee

Well we get another trailer! This one is titled "View" and it shows the members of SHINee being kidnapped by a woman. We still don't get a release date but if they've released two teasers within a day then it has to be soon. Like Maybe the 18th of this month, soon? Does Minho have blonde hair? Cause I'd be willing to get on that boat. It's not every day that you come across a Kpop group who all look good with blonde hair. I know some people would argue B.A.P right here but I didn't care for them all blonde. Team looked fantastic with blonde hair, Key looks good in any color, it too me a minute but I liked Onew with blonde hair during the Everybody/Symptoms era, and while Jonghyun's blonde hair was my least favorite out of them all, he still looked good with it; I will forever be in love with his brown to blonde in the RingDingDong era. I cant' get over it!! Minho, you had better live up to your group's standards of attractive blondes.

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