Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shadow of a Beast...*shudder*

BEAST - 'Shadow (그림자)' (Official Music Video)

Scorpions, skulls and tarantulas... Not the kind of shadows I would choose to encounter. But apparently Beast themselves claim that, "I'm Shadow."  So I guess if the scorpion was really a B2ST member in disguise it would be okay....?
I don' know but anyway, this mv was pretty dark an spooky with creepy abandoned tombs and mansions along with this spooky ghost girl who does ballet, snakes and other various creepers, scarf dancing, crazy body paint, smoke, etc... overall not my favorite Beast song/mv. Both song and mv gave me heebie jeebies. Howver, it is very unique and pretty well put together. So good job to Beast!

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