Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dazzling Girl!!! (Short Version)

So SHINee, bless their beautiful souls, have made a Japanese song. Yep, not a Korean song that they've covered in Japanese, but a song that originally is in Japanese. I was so freaking excited when F4fighting! told me this was happening, I watched the teaser about seven hundred times. No joke. This song was stuck in my head for hours and I attempted the dances everywhere I went. P.s. I sucked at the dances.
Now this version of the music video has been out since the end of September, but they said that the full length version will be released soon, like today, tomorrow, the next dayish, possibly, maybe, hopefully.  I'm posting the short version so you guys, like me, can freak out and get even more excited for it. And I hope that as soon as I post this, the full length version will come out to mock me for putting effort into writing this post. Mock me all you want! Bring it on!! *crosses fingers*
I'm not going to fangirl too much in this post, I'll save it for the full length version, but I would like to say a few things about it.
1. I truly believe that SHINee is the best kpop group when it comes to dancing. They are the best in synchronization, their dance moves are the most difficult, they can go from fast to really slow while making it look effortless. This video is no exception to their dancing skills. So wonderful.
2. Their outfits are wonderful! I love that they still have the dulled colors similar to what they used in Sherlock. The lighting is also very pretty, like in Sherlock. Love this video.
3. This music video also just reiterates that I love all of SHINee equally. SHINee is one of the few bands who have made it to our "Corner of Sharing", the only other group is NU'EST, and while I love all of NU'EST, I do have members I like better than others. I could pick a favorite member or two out of the five NU'EST members. SHINee, I can't pick a favorite. It would be impossible for me to do so; my love for each member is completely equal and this video just solidified that belief. One moment I'm like: "I love Jonghyun!!!" and then the next I'm all: "Onew is so amazing!!" followed by: "Key, why are you so awesome?" and: "Minho, Oppa. I love you." and finally: "Taemin, I can't believe how gorgeous you are." Note: Order and phrasing varies. The point is, this happens every SHINee music video, without fail. Always.
P.s. I am also desperately in love with Taemin's pants. The blue ones with the white patches. Yeah. Can't get over how much I love them. No idea why. Actually, I'm in love with at least one piece of clothing on each of our SHINee boys(I'll probably touch on them in the Full Length version), but Taemin's is a hardcore love.
Without further ado, here is the Short Version of Dazzling Girl. Boom, Boom, Boom, Pow!!!

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