Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vampire Prosecutor 2 Half Way Mark

Technically this isn't the half way point because we've just had episode five and there are eleven episodes in this drama, but one, I didn't want to wait another week, and two, I thought it would be ridiculous to stop half way through episode six and write this post. So here we go!!!

Vampire Prosecutor 2 is throwing out the creeptastic this season! Wow, The first episode we get six torture scenes and then we go back to the playful joking and light humor that we loved from the first season. Episode five creeped me out even more than episode one. We have finally met the bad guy for this season, and I am just as excited as I am creeped out. I'll get to him in just a minute. The team is just as fun and cute as ever.

Min Tae Yoon: Still struggling with his sister's fate, he tenses and almost panics whenever a case even remotely has the possibility of a vampire as the suspect cause that means it might be his sister's fault, again. Though he's been a vampire for seven years now he's still finding new difficulties of being a monster living among humans. He's obviously attracted to fellow Prosecutor Jung In but due to the minor fact that he's not human, he has to almost push his feelings and her away.

Hwang Soon Bum: More of a bully gangster than an actual detective. I love that he's still as funny as ever, but he cares deeply for Tae Yoon so he understands the troubles he's going through and he knows when to be serious.

Yoo Jung In: She's finding that there's something off about Min Tae Yoon, and she's also completely head over heels for him, though she doesn't let that stop her from snapping back at him (which is probably why he's attracted to her). She's still bright but occasionally is told to look for more options instead of being set on one idea.

Choi Dong Man: Such a cutie, but this is not the line of work for him... And he should be banned from going with Soon Bum to catch bad guys cause he always ends up hurting either himself or Soon Bum rather than the guy they're trying to catch. He's not super bright, though he's very smart. I love his sense of style.

Jo Jung Hyun: The coroner who has ties to the past and the present so he's very valuable though he doesn't know it yet. He worked under Tae Yoon's sire Park Hoon. Though he's super awkward around others and has no family, he's a kind soul. I think he's going to die soon though. That's unfortunate...

Prosecutor Park Hoon: Former Prosecutor! Right?! Who knew!?!? He died in the first episode of season one so technically we only see him in flashbacks of the past; right before he was turned into a Vampire, right after he was turned, important cases, moments when he and Coroner Jo work together, meetings between him and season one's Doctor Blood. Everything that happens in these flashbacks are important and we're just now seeing why.

Evil Director Prosecutor: I don't know her name but she's the boss of Tae Yoon. She took place for Prosecutor Yang. I think she's evil. Yep, totally evil. That or just a completely mean witch.

Doctor Blood: he has a real name, we were told it in episode four of this season but I forgot it and Doctor Blood sounds cooler. Dr. Blood has been missing since the day he was turned, which is also the day Tae Yoon's sister and Prosecutor Jang disappeared. Interesting. We get to see how he came to know about vampires and the work he did with Park Hoon. I'm mentioning him cause I think he'll be important in the future, maybe, and I loved him in the first season

Red Eyes: He has no name yet, but we know a good deal about him. He's a vampire, very bad vampire. When he vamps out his eyes are red rather than blue. He is insane, and rightly so after seeing what he's been through, he is Park Hoon's sire, he is interested in Tae Yoon and I'm pretty sure he'll use those close to Tae Yoon to break him like he did Park Hoon. Did I say that he's insane? Cause he is. This is the first villain to just plain creepy me out. I fear for everyone in the show. He is very strong, much stronger than Tae Yoon. Twisted, evil, evil, evil, twisted, crazy, insane, evil, confident, creepy, evil. He's awesome but creepy and evil. I'm so excited for Min Tae Yoon to have another vampire foe and this time he's bigger, badder, nastier, and crazier!! And did I mention that he's insane?

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