Monday, October 15, 2012

NU'EST Fail?

Nu'est has just released their music video for "Sandy"... F4fighting! and I are very disappointed. I didn't  really like the song to begin with and the music video that they made to go along with it didn't really make it any better. First off, the song did not fit the music video at all. At all. The song is about a girl they can't seem to get over and they're promising to make her happy... We get to see Nu'est walking around, buying things, eating, being kind of cute... Nothing like the song and does this look really similar to another one of their music videos? Yep, "Not Over You" was exactly like this one but they actually sang in that music video; here we just get a home video of them doing things, no singing. We're so sad that they did this cause, for sure, Nu'est can do better than that. We feel like they're being lazy in making music videos right now. I also feel that the cute music videos are hurting their bad boy image. It seems like every "Bad Boy" Kpop group has to release one cute song/music video and I'm fine with that, it's refreshing to see a different side of them but in their Mini Album "ACTION" we got one bad boy song and three cute/sad songs whereas in "FACE" there were two bad boy songs and one sad song. Nu'est, you can do better than this, we know you can!

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  1. NU'EST I still love you. But seriously, kick it up a notch...