Thursday, February 14, 2013

Although I

Well Yang Yoseob decided to just throw a music video out there without a teaser or anything. This one has the same feel, set, style, colors, and sound as his first single Caffeine. "Although I" does have a sadder, softer sound, but someone still goes up in smoke at the end of the video. His outfits are even similar. Maybe he really liked that sweater and jean combination, and the Beatle Juice suit, and the black one, and that girl must have really liked that red scarf? Or maybe his stylist was lazy and decided to reuse clothes. No, I'm actually pretty sure that this song is a continuation of Caffeine cause there are scenes that are the same in both videos. Still not loving this new image Yoseob has going for him. He's too cute to be a mean boy. I know it was the girl who cheated on him, but I don't like when he's slightly abusive, it gives off the wrong vibes.

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  1. He had a Hobbit Hole replica...that's pretty cool...