Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dream Girl Song Highlights!

SMTOWN has released a highlight medley for Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You! There are eight different songs in this highlight video! I'm super excited, it sounds like a good one. "Dream Girl" "Spoiler“, “Beautiful“, “Punch Drunk Love“, “Girls Girls Girls“, “Aside” , “Dynamite“, “Runaway“, and “Hitchhiking“ are the songs on the tracklist. That's nine... I guess I miscounted in the highlight medley. Oops. Here is the highlight video along with the album cover, it's an interesting cover, that's for sure. Like the teaser pictures, the medley, and now the cover, I'm still not sure what to think of this album. I can't wait for the MV of Dream Girl to come out on February 19th!! P.S. this is rumored to be a two part album and the second half, with nine new songs, will come out in April. Interesting!

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