Tuesday, February 12, 2013


IT'S OUT!!!!!!!!!! NU'EST's new music video is out!!!!! They're so beautiful, I can't get over it. Okay. Now that I've got that out of my system, time for the music video. Let me say, I was shocked that Minhyun was the one singing in all the teasers... I thought it was a girl cause the voice is so soft and beautiful, almost etherial. So Pretty. I'm super happy that there is dancing in this video. I love NU'EST's dancing, I think they are awesome dancers and very in-sync, and I was a little worried that we would trade the pretty MV for the dancing like in previous ones, *ahem* Not Over You and Sandy... But we have dancing! And the dancing is pretty!!! The story is sad, one woman is basically dating all of NU'EST, lucky girl, and slowly, they each find out when they see her with another guy. Then, she has the gall to get upset and angry at them when they confront her about it. She hits Ren with pillows, and slaps Minhyun, so rude of her. *growls* Don't hurt those boys.
The look Ren gives at 1:16 when he sees pictures of his girl with Aron, break my heart in half. Ren, I would never cheat on you, come to Noona, I'll make sure that evil woman never hurts you again. The other members look super sad but none of them look as betrayed as Ren does. Oh. Poor, Ren. Such a pretty song sung by beautiful boys. Oh and Ren, you still have wonderful arms and legs, and neck and you're just all around perfect. Keep it up. And you'll forever be way prettier than any girl could ever hope to be.
I'd like to add that NU'EST looks fantastic. Their clothes look good, hair, the background, they look good. I get a little worried when younger KPop groups release new songs, worried that they'll move away from their previous image kind of like B2ST did; they were all bad boy, and it fit them very well, but with their last music video, they took a different look, and it was so strange and off that I couldn't help but dislike the song and video. While it seems like NU'EST is maturing, they haven't completely changed their image and I'm relieved. NU'EST debuted as bad boys and though this music video doesn't have them playing the bad boys, they haven't completely changed the way they look. I think NU'EST will release another "Bad Boy"style music video cause they still give off that vibe, even when they're being cheated on. All of them being cheated on... by the same girl, at the same time, in a bathtub...? Yeah not sure what that was about... I will give the girl props for being able to go out with all of NU'EST, at the same time, cheat on them, have them know she cheated, and then have them come back to her and be seemingly okay with the fact that she's hugging one while kissing another, and sitting in a bathtub with one while resting against another and holding yet another's hand... That is talent...
NU'EST also keeps a plot with this music video, they had a plot in Face and maybe there was one in Action? but a couple other ones *cough* Not Over You and Sandy, didn't have plots. It's nice to see a music video that's more than just dancing. Nicely done NU'EST! Watch it and love it. Support these gorgeous boys.
And that close-up of Ren's lips at 3:18 was nice, I know F4fighting! appreciated that one.

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  1. I COMPLETELY love this. At 1:16, my love for Ren exploded in such an overwhelming manner I am still replaying it. He is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so heartbroken!! I want to comfort him so bad. Minhyun did a fantastic singing job, he shot right up on my list. Actually, they all did fantastic, singing, dancing and mv wise. Too hot. Love.