Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kyuie's Birth, Happiest Day!!

Would you guys like to talk about perfection? Would you like to talk about completion? Would you like to talk about a hypnotizing gift? Would you like to talk about the end of the world? Would you like to talk about a never ending love? How about gorgeousness? Talent? Hilariousness? Evil in the cutest way possible? 
Then let's talk about Cho Kyuhyun.
This is my favorite boy. Super Junior was not complete until the arrival of the new Maknae in 2006. Haha, those boys didn't know what they were getting into when they welcomed the innocent looking lad into their group. But he sure made his name quickly. His vocals are a gift and I am so glad he didn't become a lawyer. He tortures his hyung's, but loves them to death. I love it when he laughs, you can feel the happiness (mixed with slyness) radiating from him!! Even through the computer screen!! You never know where he'll strike next, but it is the funnest adventure to figure out his plans. I love that he loves Starcraft, I'd play with him any day. My eyes never leave his being in every music video, talk show, interview and stage performance. You want a heart melt? Listen to him sing!!! It is so powerful. 
Kyuie, Oppa, Evil Maknae,
I love you more than words can express. 
Thank you for you.
February 3, 1988
25 years old today (by USA)

You're welcome ;)

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