Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dream Girl SHINee group pictures plus video

I was so hyped up on NU'EST's Hello that I forgot to post the new teaser pictures for SHINee. Well here they are. We get two group teaser pictures and we're eagerly waiting for the album to be released! February 16th is the release date and I still have no idea what it's gonna be like. Yep, can't wait! Oh, and we have been favored with a preview video of dancing for their music video.


  1. Did it take anyone else a second to recognize SHINee in that first colored photo? Those are quite the outfits(Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key)...and hairdos (Key, Jonghyun, and slightly Onew and probably Taemin and Minho but they have unrevealing hats on)...and also make-ups(Taemin)....Not sure how I feel about it right now, but I'm thinking once the MV is out I will totally love it!!!!!

  2. Yeah... Jonghyun's outfit is something... So it Key's... I actually kind of like Minho's outfit, but Taemin's pants and Onew's pants, yeah, they make a statement... And Jonghyun has a hat but I'm sure his hair is also something...

      ...reminds of these suits....

    2. Yeah! Just a little more vibrant...