Tuesday, February 12, 2013

KPop Challenge Day 25

KPop Challenge Day 25:

A KPop Idol You Would Like to Date:

dramajunkie: Lee Sandeul from B1A4!! I think we would have a blast! He's always smiling and seems like a genuinely happy person, and I love his laugh. I just think we would have so much fun going to amusement parks and running around Seoul. I'm interested in having fun and laughing and I think he'd be the perfect man for that. Oppa! Let's go on a date. :D

F4fighting!: KEVIN WOO!!!(Ukiss)!! He would be the sweetest boy to date ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, he would be such a gentleman. Open doors, buy flowers, pull out chairs, listen, tell me how pretty I am, and just be an all around perfect Oppa!! Yes, please, Kevin. I want to laugh and smile and play and hold hands and have fun with YOU!!!!! We could even share couple rings and t-shirts!!! AH!!! Too fun!!!!

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