Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reply 1997/Answer Me 1997 Drama Review

Summary: Sung Shi Won(Jung Eun Ji) is a high school student who is at the bottom of the pack and a huge fangirl for the boy group H.O.T, particularly Tony Oppa. Yoon Yoon Jae(Seo In Guk) is Shi Won's next door neighbor and best guy friend since birth. He is also the top of his class and the whole school. The two are so close and comfortable with each other that some have even mistaken them as twins. Kang Joon Hee(Hoya) is Yoon Jae's best friend and second best in the class; he is also really close to Shi Won. Yoon Tae Woong(Song Jong Ho) is a high school teacher and also Yoon Jae's hyung. The four engage in a love square where no one seems to know who is in love with who. Yoon Jae is in love with Shi won but he thinks that Shi Won has a crush on Joon Hee but in reality Joon Hee actually is in love with goon Jae and older brother Tae Woong is the one in love with Shi Won... Shi Won doesn't know who she loves. And who is in love with Yoon Jae? Of course she would be Shi Won's best girl friend Mo Yoo Jung(Shin So Yool). Confusing, right? This drama follows the lives of one group of friends from high school till their high school reunion, explores the meaning of first love and life long friends as well as giving a dump truck load of humor along the way.

Review: First off, the cast did an amazing job at this drama. Also, I liked this drama, I really did. In fact, it helped my love for Infinite grow. But I didn't like how much adult humor was in it. KDramas are pretty clean as far as TV shows go and this is still a pretty clean drama but there's a lot of humor I didn't appreciate in it. I still really liked the drama and I liked the characters and I thought it was super funny. The characters were lovable and funny and the plot wasn't difficult to follow. This drama shows that you don't have to have a super complicated plot to make a good drama. Simple, the life and love of a group of people from their high school days to their adult years. So simple yet so good to watch. It was interesting and so easy to watch. The love triangle wasn't even annoying, neither of them bothered me. The second lead girl, where was she? I loved not having her around! All of the characters were lovable and the relationships were believable. I could seriously watch this drama over and over again.

Rating: 8.5/10

Memorable Moment: Ah. So many. I really have no idea which one to pick. Honestly, I loved the whole drama but I'll pick a moment that I thought was super cute!

Episode 9
Yoon Jae has bought a puppy to give to Shi Won when he confesses to her but Hyung beats him to the punch so Yoon Jae is left with a puppy but he doesn't want a constant reminder of his failed attempt at confessing so he gives the puppy to Joon Hee!!! Joon Hee gets a puppy. Joon Hee gets the puppy named Yoon Jae! Joon Hee: "Yoon Jae(puppy) hung will buy you lots of yummy snacks" Puppy kisses for Joon Hee! Aw. Yoon Jae, human, tells Joon Hee to change the name but Joon Hee replies by saying "No, I like Yoon Jae." It makes em happy that he gets to confess his crush even if they are really talking about a puppy. I loved Joon Hee, he's so cute and my heart aches for him, but at least he gets a puppy!!!!

Just what needs to happen, a KPop star needs to be holding a puppy to make him seem any more cute and lovable.

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