Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Miracles in December

SM has released EXO's Miracles in December MV. 
Yikes, that awkward moment when every member in EXO picks the same meeting place to confess to their loved one, Tao turns back time in hopes that's the girl will make it, and she still doesn't show up so they're all left crying in front of the same building. Except Chen and Baekhyun of course cause they're too busy singing in an ice palace for both music videos; poor guys.
Korean Version: Alright, the song is really pretty and super sad sounding and even if it didn't have the sad video to accompany it you could still understand the rejected feeling of the song. I do get the feeling that SM would really like to do an EXO sub-group with Chen, Baekhyun, and D.O but I also get the feeling that they'd do a lot of ballads and I honestly don't like Ballads. Back to the video. The two videos are very similar with one member switched and a couple of different scenes. I did not understand the whole Lunar eclipse. Was that a bad omen? I know that EXO are aliens and the Solar and Lunar eclipse thing is their thing and they all have powers but I didn't understand why the eclipse was in there. That was just a small thing that confused me. 

Chinese Version: Far more sad sounding but this video actually made me laugh. Seriously, D.O has an open can of Reddi Whip sitting on the countertop in front of him; I guess he could use it on the strawberries in the bowl but he just leaves it sitting out when he leaves. Small thing. A rather big problem in this version. Baekhyun. Now I love him so much, he's one of my favorites but, Baekhyun is pronouncing Mandarin like Korean. Now Chen has gotten better in his pronunciation but it isn't perfect yet. Baekhyun's voice is more powerful and fits the song better but I think they should have let Lay sing Baekhyun's parts. Lay plays the piano very well so he could have done that. Or hey, what about Xuimin? He's working on his Mandarin and he's not a bad singer. Just a small thing that a non-Korean non-Chinese speaker noticed, so what would Korean speakers and Mandarin speakers think about Baekhyun's parts? *shrug* Also, Kai should have worn a thicker jacket to keep that puppy warm.

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