Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Prime Minister and I/The Prime Minister is Dating episodes 1 and 2

And The Prime Minister and I has started and the first two episodes are out. Well I was interested in this drama for Yoon Shi Yoon and then I saw previews and I thought it looked sort of fun. I'm not sure that I'll mind having Yoon Shi Yoon as the second male lead in this drama cause it's fun to watch Prime Minister Kwan Yul(Lee Beom Soo) and Nam Da Jung(Im Yoona) together. I like contract relationships and marriages cause they're humorous and a nice break for serious dramas. I'm not so wild that the two leads have such a big age gap but I'll probably get over that. First two episodes we get a contract relationship and the prospect at a contract marriage. The writers are moving faster than I thought they would; not that I'm complaining cause we all hate slow writing that goes around in circles for half the drama. I'm very happy that they are going straight into the main plot of the drama without making it seem like they're rushing it.
This drama is fun and light and quirky. I was surprised. I liked it. Da Jung is fun, Prime Minister Kwan is not. They're great together! I will keep watching this drama cause I have yet to hate any of the characters and the plot is light and so is the humor. It doesn't seem like the drama is trying too hard. I'm curious as to how this drama will go with a contract marriage in the future and three children involved. And I love me some Yoon Shi Yoon! So far so good. Can't wait till next week! Especially because You Who Came From the Stars is coming out!!

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