Sunday, January 17, 2016

Healer Drama Review

Summary: An event which happened decades ago brings together three completely different people; an errand boy who goes by the codename Healer (Ji Chang Wook), a second rate internet reporter, Chae Young Shin(Park Min Young), and a star news reporter, Kim Moon Ho(Yoo Ji Tae). All three were affected by the event in different ways, though Kim Moon Ho is the only one who remembers it, and all three will have to work together to solve it.
(That was possibly the worst summary I've ever written but this drama is so hard to explain. Very good but so difficult to summarize.)

Review: Just how I like my drama heroes, mysterious, in love, adorably-dorky, and hard core awesome. Oh I could have watched another 20 episodes of this drama. Sleek, fast paced, full of good angst, smart characters, and a romance that made my heart skip beats. The writing was spot on, though not without flaws. It's been a while since I've gotten so engrossed in a drama and so taken by it's leads that I've wanted to do nothing but watch it. This drama was stylish like City Hunter but without the noble stupid-idiot angst. Our characters were well developed with their own special flaws and thought processes. The plot was interesting and moved quickly. Characters weren't there just to push the plot along or force our leads together, they did that all on their own. Every character had a purpose and each purpose was relevant to the plot. The chemistry between our leads was fantastic. The acting and emotions were amazing. I could watch this drama over and over and I might do just that. Some people might say this drama is overrated, but they are so wrong! Yes it is popular but for good reasons!

Rating: 10/10

Memorable Moment: Oh heavens, how to pick one... Everything I want to pick spoils something in the drama... Every scene with Ji Chang Wook? Seriously though. I'm going to go with the Movie Theater Date in episode 11. Such a simple yet cute scene.
Young Shin still doesn't know that her coworker Bong Soo is actually the Healer/Jung Ho she has a crush on. After a fantastic scene in Episode 8/9, go watch it and squee like I did, Young Shin decides she needs to send in a job request to Healer asking him to meet her. She tells him that she doesn't have to see his face, he can keep it covered or she can cover her eyes, but she wants to meet with him, have a date together.
Jung Ho gets excited and starts to get ready only for Ajumma to talk him back down to reality. He is a hand for hire. If he shows her his face she'll be an accomplice to his crimes. He doesn't have a normal life and couldn't offer her security.
Young Shin goes out for her perspective date and wanders around and narrates how the possible date would go. They'd walk around while talking and laughing and then stop at a food stand.
After the food stand would come a movie. Young Shin waits in the theaters wondering if he will show up. After waiting and waiting, the theater closes and she's forced to walk outside that is until the doors open once more and she enters again. As she walks through the halls she comes across a hallway lit with candles leading to an open theater room.
Young Shin enters the room and finds a cute little seat prepared with popcorn, a stuffed bunny and a lamp, just for her. When asked by a recording in the stuffed bunny, (Ajumma does have a heart!), Young Shin picks the longest movie possible to watch and then she hears footsteps; Jung Ho has entered behind her and takes a seat a few rows back.
She doesn't turn around, the lights dim, and the movie starts. After the movie is finished, Young Shin turns to see if her Healer is there but he's already left. She leaves the room and as she rounds the corner Jung Ho's hand shoots out and grabs hers.
He stands on one side of the wall, in the shadows, and she stands on the other. Slowly, he entwines their fingers and they stay like that for a moment. It's probably killing her not to glance around the corner and look at him but she knows he wants to remain unknown and however hard it may be, she remains facing forward. And then all too soon that moment ends and Jung Ho lets go and Young Shin leaves with a smile.

Such a cute scene! I watched it so many times. The beauty of this scene is seeing Jung Ho indulge himself a little.
He doesn't really watch the movie but rather focuses on her reaction to the movie. Sure he could watch her as much as he wants at work but it isn't the same because she isn't in love with his alias, Bong Soo. Knowing that she's happy to be in the same room with him is good enough for him, at the moment. And that hand hold. Oh I swooned and made a sound that only dogs could hear.