Thursday, May 24, 2012

So In Synic

In relation to the comment I made yesterday about how I loved kpop bands being in sync with each other. Here is SHINee's Love Like Oxygen MV (dance version). I already loved this song and this band but as soon as I saw this MV, I loved them even more. Thank you SHINee for being so awesome!!!! (Key is in pink, Joonghyun is in gold/yellowish color, Minho is in blue, Onew is in green, and Taemin is in black. I think that's right, please correct me if I'm wrong.)


  1. It's their anniversary today!! How appropriate! SHINee 4 years of awesome! Fighting!

    1. I felt it was a good idea to commemorate the day. SHINee Fighting!!!

    2. Also, by my calculations you are correct on who is who. ;)

    3. I can't get over how fluid Taemin is with his dancing.