Thursday, December 10, 2015

EXO Sing For You

I'm sorry, what? This happened? Where was I? Oh, right... Finals...
That song was beautiful. I don't actually think I can say anything else about that but the song was gorgeous and we got to hear the lovely voices of every member. I can tell that this is a confession song and apparently some fans believe that this MV follows the story of "The Astronaut's Whale" which is a tale of feeling like you don't belong and some believer's about the 52 Herzt Whale which is a whale that calls at a frequency that no other whale can hear it so it's always lonely. EXO tends to do sad sounding songs around the holiday season, I'm not sure why... But this was beautiful, seriously. I did love that Kai's dancing seemed to reflect the fight between Chanyeol and Suho. Very poetic.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

GOT7 Confession Song

Well that was cute. GOT7's new MV Confession Song came out on November 22nd and it was cute. Christmasy, adorable, kind of funny. I liked it. The song wasn't one that I was wild about but it matched the tone and feel of the video. It would have been slightly awkward if those who were being confessed to rejected the confession but I think any girl with half a brain would accept a boy who got a Kpop idol group to help him confess. Seriously though, that would be pretty awesome. The video was cute and a nice kick off to the holiday season, I can't really think of anything else to say about it. Will they be performing it live?


BTS' new MV is called Run and came out on November 29th. Did anyone else feel like this was a continuation of I Need You? Does that mean we're gonna get another Dope style MV in a few months? The lighting, the running, the feeling, general rebelliousness of the boys,  and the freight trains all gave me a I Need You vibe. I'm excited for the live version so we can see the choreography. I wasn't a fan of V's hair, the blue wasn't right for some reason but I think RapMon and Suga looked great, and Jimin's toned down hair was good. Also, thank you J-Hope for getting rid of that horrid bowl-cut. The video was rather long but we saw the making of/behind the scenes footage as well which was amusing. I did like the song a lot. Great job boys!!

Royal Pirates Run Away

I'm gone for a week and everything happens!!!! Three MVs came out and I had no idea where to start so I'm going with the one I didn't even know was going to happen. Royal Pirates.
Run Away came out yesterday and it sounded similar to their original works, before Drawing the Line. I didn't love the song, I really didn't like anything before Drawing the Line, but I'm glad that they're staying true to themselves. I didn't know that James could play the keyboards. I thought that he was just a bassist.