Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another year gone for Super Junior's Ryeowook

June 21, 1987!!
dramajunkie's SuJu bias and one of her all time main biases, Kim Ryeowook celebrates his birthday today. dramajunkie has written me specifically in happy birthday wishes for Wookie. :)
Ryeowook has got aegyo down. He nails it every time. His voice is so otherworldly, I could cry when I hear it. And, sometimes when I'm not sure if it's Super Junior singing, I just wait to hear Ryeowook and then I know it is. He is one of SuJu's main vocalists and he is in my favorite subgroup, Super Junior - KRY. i love him very much!!
dramajunkie: Amen, F4fighting! Mad piano skills and rocks at hitting the high notes! *sobs* I just love him so much!!! Cute-cute siya!

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