Thursday, June 20, 2013

My dear friends...

I have some pretty exciting news...
for the next 18 days I will be in China, Tibet and and......
That's right Seoul, South Korea, here I come!!
I am so excited I cried and probably will cry some more!!
I will get to shop at Itaewon, tour Gyeonbokgung Palace, eat real Bulgogi, see the Han River, sleep in a Hanok, buy a Hanbok and all the Kpop/Kdrama I want, ETC!!!!
My life is about to be so much better.
Anyway, mostly likely I won't be able to post while I'm out there, I'll be super distracted!!
But when I come back I'll post some pictures for you guys!!!!
Dancing Party Time!

ps. yes, I'm going to miss the last two episodes of Gu Family Book and I'm way sad. The plot is crazy right now!! But I'll catch up when I return!!

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