Wednesday, October 30, 2013

She's Mine

Alrighty, then. U-Kiss has released "She's Mine". I haven't figured out if I like this song or not. There were some parts of the song I liked, but others I'm not so sure about. I will say that I liked it a lot better the fourth time I watched it rather than the first three times. A few things I noticed: The rapping was pretty good, way to go Eli and AJ, kicking up the rapping a bit. Kiseop is in fact missing part of his white suit, not something related to the song but just something I noticed. Soohyun is a little horny, just a little. The voices in this song aren't as powerful as in past songs. I loved the vocals in Neverland, Stop Girl was amazing, Standing Still's vocals rocked, but this one just didn't measure up to the rest vocally wise. They still have great voices but I didn't feel the impact like when I heard Stop Girl or Neverland for the first time; yeah, Neverland blew me away and to this day is still my favorite U-Kiss song. They are missing a member. Now when AJ went to school and they released Stop Girl, I was sad cause there was no AJ and it felt like something was missing; then AJ came back, they released Standing Still, and the group felt complete again. Now Dongho was ever my favorite member but I didn't realize how much I'd miss him till he was gone. :( I wish him well in whatever he does, but I do feel like there's a hole in the group. Who are they going to make have the most terribly crazy hairstyles? I'm betting AJ or Kiseop will be the hairstylist's next victim for insane hair. I liked the colored shoes that they wore. I cracked up that they threw David Beckham in the song. Maybe I'll like this song the more I listen to it but I'm up to seven times listening to the song and I honestly can't hum you the tune yet. Yeah, I didn't love it as much as their other songs, but keep up the good work U-Kiss.

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  1. Did anyone else get a G-Dragon-esque, bored, spoiled, rich, having weird tings like metal dogs on a leash, headbands, looking at girls,black and white sorta feel out of this? because that is what I got...and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I did miss Dongho and I did love the color on the shoes.