Monday, October 28, 2013

U-Kiss Mini8 "Moments" pics

Well U-Kiss is releasing their eight mini album on October 31, entitled "Moments". The slightly awkward moment when you are away from technology for five months and Dongho quits the group for health and personal reason, and you only just fid this out. Yeah. I had a mini heart attack last night when I realized this fact... But U-kiss can't stop releasing songs and albums because one member had to leave. They didn't stop when they lost Xander and Kibum and they can't stop now. P.s. Kevin, you're the new Maknae.
So Moments, I know literally nothing about this Mini Album. Except the track list and there is a pre-release of the song Mysterious Lady. Hopefully more details to come soon.
1. Intro
2. Mysterious Lady
3. That's My Girl
4. Turn off the Light
5. Hey Man
6. Wait a Moment
7. That's my girl (inst.)

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