Monday, March 24, 2014


And the MV for Swing is out. Now the MV was posted a few days ago but it wasn't released on YouTube and I couldn't get the link to work so I just waited till it came out on YouTube. The song is catchy, well the main part of the song is. I didn't care for when they did the dub step section or the slower part but the rest was fine. The dance was fun, the style was basic, I loved their hair. Maybe it was the fact that I was beyond happy to see Ryeowook singing and dancing again but I think he's improved in his dancing skills. I'll be even happier when I get to see Super Junior make a true comeback. I have no idea when that will be... :( Great ending boys. You'd all get into so much trouble as office workers. And Siwon... why the mustache?

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