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You Who Came From the Stars/Man From the Stars drama review

Summary: Do Min Joon landed on Earth 400 years ago when he was part of a research team for his plant, he accidentally was left behind and has been longing to return home ever since. 400 years after he lands he has another chance to return but three months before his return date but he happens to run into famous actress Cheon Song Yi and his resolve starts to become shaken as he starts to fall in love with her.

Review: And it is over. I would like to say one thing before I start my actual review of this drama. Whoever made the decision half way through the drama to cut the teasers out at the end of each episode made a really good decision. Each week I was dying for the next episode and I had difficulty waiting for each episode to be fully subbed. Alright. Not gonna lie, this was a tough couple of months. There have been very few dramas that have made me almost literally live for the next episode but this was one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed this drama with all its imperfections and angst. I'm very glad that I was able to watch it week by week otherwise, I would have watched all 21 episodes in one sitting.
So character-wise, I was impressed. Now I love Kim Soo Hyun but he's not the one I'm going to rave about. Cheon Song Yi. She was a fantastic character. She wasn't perfect, but then what human is? She was flawed. She was rude. She was hilarious. She was, in her own way, innocent. Jun Ji Hyun did an incredible job. I don't usually like the female leads in dramas and, on occasion, I won't watch a drama based on the lead actress. I knew nothing about Jun Ji Hyun when I went into this drama but I had read that she and Kim Soo Hyun have been together in projects and they were great so I decided to watch this drama with an open mind. She was amazing. Jun Ji Hyun captured Cheon Song Yi's character perfectly. I feel like we can find ourselves in some aspect of Cheon Song Yi's personality. She's mean, hot-tempered, and puts on a confident front but inside she is completely innocent, worried, and afraid. I would put her right up there with my love for Shin Min Ah's, Gu Mi Ho, character in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.
Do Min Joon. I already loved Kim Soo Hyun from Dream High. The passion he puts into each of his characters is amazing. I didn't know how humorous it would be to watch a 400 year old grumpy alien learn to deal with the human emotions he has spent so long scoffing at. I think it's rare to find an actor and actress that can have amazing chemistry that feels real when you watch it. Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah, Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji, Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won. (Lee Seung Gi, you player!) If the lead couple doesn't do a good job at convincing you of their parts and their connection to each other then it's really difficult to watch a drama. They were perfect together. One more thing, Kim Soo Hyun is a fantastically realistic crier.

The villain was good at being bad and he had just enough charisma that made you love to hate him. But I would have liked if they resolved his story two episodes before the last episodes and then did little glimpses of him in the final two episodes but what's done is done.
The story was good, I'm not fully sure how I feel about the ending just because it was and wasn't what I expected. I am happy that it ended happy but I can't shake the feeling of disappointment that came with the way the drama tied it up. A wormhole. I'm not fully onboard with that last minute explanation just because they have so much left to explain because of it. If they were going to use a wormhole as an excuse then technically Do Min Joon could have been taken from Earth at any time... Think about it. They didn't say that he went back home on his spaceship but rather a wormhole. Enough about the wormhole issue and onto the next one which is Do Min Joon disappearing and reappearing again. I don't fully understand how they managed to make that work mostly because I'm confused if the wormhole was taking him back each time or they just decided to gloss over that fact and leave it unanswered. In regard to his disappearing act, I'm sad, but not surprised, that they didn't explain the rules of that. What determines how long he can stay on Earth? Is there a certain amount of time in which he has to be gone from Earth before he can return again? Does that time increase based on how long he stays on Earth? If he stays on Earth for five seconds does he have to stay away for five seconds before returning? Three minutes on Earth equals three minutes away? What about his year and two months on Earth? A year and two months away?

If I really think about it I'm not sure I'd be satisfied with any ending this drama gave me. I almost feel like that's just how it was written. If Do Min Joon stays on Earth and ends up dying, I'd be sad. If he leaves Earth but lives, I'd be sad. If he stays on Earth and somehow doesn't die even though the whole drama told us he would, I'd be disappointed. This is what seems to happen in Fantasy dramas. I'm looking at you Queen In Hyun's Man and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Fantasy dramas tend to twist their own rules in the last episode to make things happy.
But having said all that, (and now that I look back at it I think that there is a lot of negative stuff I just wrote), I really enjoyed this drama and I think Jun Ji Hyun's character and Do Min Joon's character kept it alive and fun.

Rating: 8/10

Memorable Moment:
Well the drama was all around funny and even though I loved every moment the lead couple had together. I literally laughed out loud when Cheon Song Yi's brother found out that Do Min Joon was an alien. I wondered how many times they were going to bring the whole E.T thing into this drama and they used it as often as possible. It was great.

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