Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Alien Drama....part 2!! Beat up the Luhan some more!

EXO 엑소_Music Video_Drama Episode 2 (Korean Version)

Why must you pick on Luhan?!?!?!?
At first when Growl started and they whisper "sexy" I was like, "you guys are being a bunch of jerks beating up some poor kid, how is that sexy!??!?!?!"....but then they all executed some perfect ninja moves and I was like...Oh, nevermind. I get it. 
dramajunkie: Interesting. After watching both episodes I don't have a lot to say except this. Of course it's D.O who gets beaten and hospitalized... *facepalm* He looks way too nice and innocent to fight off even a bunny. But interesting. I'm not sure the point of these drama episodes? For fun? Maybe? Sure, we'll go with that. There's supposed to be a third episode coming out soonish. Hope so cause that just ended with no "To Be Continued..." line. And silly girl, you should know better than to walk around dark, foggy, ill-lited alleyways at night.  

Chinese version!

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