Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bored, spoiled, rich kid...


GD seems to be portraying a bored, spoiled, rich kid with no satisfaction in his life. So to make up for it, he walks down the street like a crazy person terrorizing the good people of Korea. He picks fights with random people, he throws his stuff around, he kicks food and tables at other peoples parties, he yells at lines, he pees on the wall, goes crazy at a club and ends it all by crying in the bathroom. I wonder if this is really a persona of GD's real life.
dramajunkie: Huh... Well I liked it better than Coup D'etat. I'm a little confused why this song is currently in the race for Best Dance Performance-Male Solo in MAMA and it's winning, cause I've watched the music video, and I've watched a couple live versions... There really isn't a dance... There are back-up dancers in the live versions but they mostly thrash their heads around and kick their legs and jump. Yeah, don't really understand that. 

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