Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bored, spoiled, rich kid...


GD seems to be portraying a bored, spoiled, rich kid with no satisfaction in his life. So to make up for it, he walks down the street like a crazy person terrorizing the good people of Korea. He picks fights with random people, he throws his stuff around, he kicks food and tables at other peoples parties, he yells at lines, he pees on the wall, goes crazy at a club and ends it all by crying in the bathroom. I wonder if this is really a persona of GD's real life.
dramajunkie: Huh... Well I liked it better than Coup D'etat. I'm a little confused why this song is currently in the race for Best Dance Performance-Male Solo in MAMA and it's winning, cause I've watched the music video, and I've watched a couple live versions... There really isn't a dance... There are back-up dancers in the live versions but they mostly thrash their heads around and kick their legs and jump. Yeah, don't really understand that. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Alien Drama....part 2!! Beat up the Luhan some more!

EXO 엑소_Music Video_Drama Episode 2 (Korean Version)

Why must you pick on Luhan?!?!?!?
At first when Growl started and they whisper "sexy" I was like, "you guys are being a bunch of jerks beating up some poor kid, how is that sexy!??!?!?!"....but then they all executed some perfect ninja moves and I was like...Oh, nevermind. I get it. 
dramajunkie: Interesting. After watching both episodes I don't have a lot to say except this. Of course it's D.O who gets beaten and hospitalized... *facepalm* He looks way too nice and innocent to fight off even a bunny. But interesting. I'm not sure the point of these drama episodes? For fun? Maybe? Sure, we'll go with that. There's supposed to be a third episode coming out soonish. Hope so cause that just ended with no "To Be Continued..." line. And silly girl, you should know better than to walk around dark, foggy, ill-lited alleyways at night.  

Chinese version!

Growl from the EXO Planet!

EXO_으르렁 (Growl)_Music Video (Korean ver.)

First thing, that background beat is TOTES catchy and my shoulders started bouncing instantly. Luhan just keeps becoming more and more my favorite!! His pinkish hair was so great and his cut off sleeves jacket was classy in a nonclassy way...I just love him, okay? ;) I liked their dance and it was crazy the way they seemed to never stop dancing and it sorta looked like one continuous shot, until the same person was suddenly back in the frame again. I didn't even mind that they were in just one big room the whole time, like a typical SM video. I thought it looked really good. I LOVED the way they passed hats around. Although it did make it confusing as to who had the hat now, I enjoyed the challenge of refiguring out who was who :) EXO, you already have so many members, why you confuse me more?

EXO_으르렁 (Growl)_Music Video_2nd Version (Korean ver.)

The two versions aren't all that different, they still dance a lot in a big, continuous room, passing the hat, but their outfits are different and they had more individual moments where they weren't in matching outfits that is fairly typical in a kpop video. :) I actually think I like this one slightly better because it also had the suits for a little bit, but the dancing was slightly funner like at the 1:20 chicken dance part it just seemed so much better. bahahaha...the tiny bit more of a variety improved the video just enough to be my favorite. 

dramajunkie: Hey ya'll, I'm back early. I started having some hip and knee problems and then I got a parasite, or two, so I'm home now for health reasons. 
Music Video time! While I wasn't in love with Wolf, I had issues with it that I've explained in Wolf's post, I LOVED this song. Hardcore loved it. Like I'm having trouble watching any other new music videos I'm so stuck on this one. While F4fighting liked the second version better, I liked the first version better. Man, I loved how it was all one constant rolling of film and how they were all moving around and the camera was switching between groups and I can honestly say that there are few things I like better than some KPop idols in suits. Man. I had to watch this video at least 12 times to watch each member in a suit. Yeah, Loved the beat, LOVED the dance, love them, love the outfits and the hats, and D.O is still my favorite in this group, followed closely by Chen and Baekhyun. I love how D.O is always wearing the same classy style of clothing, and sometimes bow ties. I really like the look he's got going for him. Oh yeah. And Chen's vocals kill me. Beautiful. Not going to lie, the first time I watched this I was confused about who was in which group. "Why is D.O in the second group? Why is Tao with Kai? I thought Chen was in Exo-M?" Slightly confusing but the second and thirtieth time I watched it I figured it out. Loved the song, loved the dance, love them, and I love D.O. 

EXO_으르렁 (Growl)_Dance Only (Korean ver.) they all look attractively tall in this one...and the famous SM clouds make an appearance :)

This post is too long but....CHINESE VERSIONS:

[MV] NU'EST(뉴이스트) _ Sleep Talking(잠꼬대)

[MV] NU'EST(뉴이스트) _ Sleep Talking(잠꼬대)

I miss NU'EST bad boy image. They look like they are trying to hard to be B1A4. The color, the quirkyness of the outfits, the set. Even the mv looks like something that's been done before as a whole concept AND in individual places by B1A4, SHINee and even U-Kiss, etc. I think it's a kpop in general theme right now, but that doesn't mean everyone has to follow it. I did laugh every time they slightly lifted up their shirts and Minhyun was cracking me up with those flowers and hiding behind the stairs....
CONFESSION: I liked it WAY better the second time I watched it. The first time I judged it hardcore, the second time I was over it and just loved my boys. Minhyun looked super good in this mv...the aegyo color look works really well for him, who knew? and Ren is GORGEOUS as ever! At the part where he's wearing some big black headband with long dangly color things with his hair sticking out, I was like, "who is that?" then I saw his perfectly shaped eyes and beautiful lips and was like, "oh my gosh! It's Ren!" haha The song itself is slightly stuck in my head too, although it is not my favorite NU'EST. I think they are just growing up and expounding their abilities and categories. I will just have to get use to it and love them! Go NU'EST!



The beginning of this song and the many times throughout reminded me a great deal of Seungri's other album VVIP. The mv was even similar to his others. The whole club thing, dancing with some girls, sound familiar?One thing that can be commended to G-Dragon is that all of his songs are completely different unless intentional, I like that about him. Anyway, I can attest that the night club life of Korea is extremely active and popular, having been there myself I know that is VERY true. So he is trying to capture in essence some real life stuff. The vocals were pretty soft in this song. I didn't dislike it, but I didn't love it either. Proud of Seungri though!

here's the Japanese version

V.I (from BIGBANG) - 僕を見つめて[GOTTA TALK TO YOU] MV Short ver.



Not my favorite GD video. He incorporated the white mask, the rap that's in Crayon...I was hoping for the return of the apples...but no. There wasn't even a memorable dance. He just did some weird poses, stare downs, and neck twitches. He had a creepy WeaponX going for him for a minute that was not working to his advantage... the song wasn't even that fun.... I didn't love this package. Still love GD, but this isn't on the top of my list.
dramajunkie: Huh... How strange.