Monday, July 27, 2015

Beast YeY

Beast's MV YeY came out yesterday and I watched it last night but was too tired to post about it.
That was, um, interesting. It reminded me of Beautiful Night, in that I just didn't like it. And it reminded me of 2PM's Hands Up, in that I just didn't like it. Still love Beast, but I didn't care for this song or video. The English was rather awkward, and they didn't look natural at the club. 2PM at least looked like they belonged at a club cause they look more grown up and they weren't dressed like they forgot half their wardrobe. Do people actually wear jeans and a jacket to clubs without a shirt on?
The video just felt odd to me and I didn't really like it. On the plus side, Doojoon is a dork and I'm pretty sure he's the hyperactive child in the Beast family, shout out to 12:30 at the end of this video. And Yoseop looks fantastic in that blue leather jacket, white shirt, and light jeans; such a cutie. I do rather like it when groups have one member singing something different than the rest of the group or one member is singing different notes than the rest giving us a nice contrast and a cool sound.
I will watch the live performances to see the dance cause it looks like it could be good.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beast's YeY teasers!

Beast's new MV comes out on the 27th at midnight! YeY, is the title. I'm not entirely sure what that means but we're getting a new MV! I don't really have much to say about the teasers except for I'm getting a 2PM Hands UP vibe and Dongwoo, you have a girl back home, you shouldn't be partying with those two. Oh, and Yoseop doesn't have a shirt on under that jacket. Thank you Cube! However, I know he's trying to be all playboy, hard core partier, and hot but he really still looks like a little kid with that baby face of his. Never thought I would call a 25 year-old man adorable but that's really all I see. It's kind of the way I feel about Boyfriend. I love their new concepts and their "Bad Boy" image but I still find them positively adorable and have trouble taking them seriously. I've seen them act all aegyo and I will forever seem them and Yoseop that way. Kind of like how if B1A4's Sandeul tried to act all playboy, he'd still look like a 12 year old to me.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beast has Gotta Go To Work

Yoseop is platinum blonde again!!! Yes! I love Yoseop when he's blonde. Silver blonde, dirty blonde, platinum blonde, black. Yep. Love blonde on him, and black.
This was a really cute video! I loved it! Cute song, cute graphics, cute idea. So. Much. Cute. And If I have read correctly, this isn't even the actual comeback, the 27th is! So we'll get two songs and MVs from Beast! Such a cute video. The whole idea just makes me giggle with pleasure. The girl doesn't want her sweetheart to leave her and go to work. He's super reluctant to go but if she wants nice things he has to make money. She still doesn't want him to go but eventually relents and he leaves. You can tell he's thinking of her all day and I loved the cup and string phones they used. After work is finally finished he sprints home and there she is, waiting for her sweetheart. I loved it!! It had a plot, simple yet fun graphics, big smiles, and we didn't need every member having their own portion of the plot to make it great. I loved Good Luck but the video made no sense. This was easy to follow and happy. :)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

More teasers from Beast

Beast gave us two teasers within a couple days. One of the teasers announces the release date, 7.20, and the other gives us a sneak preview at the song. I'm just going to post the song preview cause the release date is very similar to the first teaser.
Monday, people. Can you wait that long?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Super Junior: Devils

Super Junior's Devil came out today; like three or so hours ago. First MV since Yesung returned from the army and now Sungmin and Shindong are missing? I think Sungmin is in the army now :( but where is Shindong? Also the army? When will my group be complete once more?!?!?!?! When will you stop breaking my heart?!?!?!
Well the plot of this video was a little confusing. The girl was the devil, Yesung and Eunhyuk are gamblers and easing are Leeteuk are thieves, Kyuhyun is a cop, but the girl is also a cop, Ryeowook is a bartender or maybe just a clubber, Siwon, Kangin, and Heechul's roles are a little confusing cause they're carrying guns and pointing them at each other but then they're in a club. Plot was confusing but I rather enjoyed the old-movie-style to the video. And Heechul is blonde. Like Platinum blonde, I don't think we've seen him in this color yet; it looks good. Hotel is still a creeper but he looks good. And I am still trying to place his position in the group. No idea what he does.
The song was kind of fun, catchy, and seemed like Super Junior without Yesung's awesome notes. Where were those fantastic notes? There was a lot of falsetto but I was waiting to hear Yesung's long held out notes, you know the ones I'm talking about from Spy, Mr. Simple, Superman, A-Cha. Love those Yesung notes. Oh well, next song maybe? Still really liked the song, loved the style of video even if the plot had some holes in it. Boys still look great, and I can't wait to see them sing this live! Glad Yesung came back with dark hair that was semi messy. Best look for him.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Infinite Bad

Infinite's Bad came out a day ago. I was a little busy so I didn't notice until now. I don't understand the plot to this video, if there even is one, and I thought the lighting was a little odd, but maybe that's what they were going for. Not my favorite video by Infinite; it was just strange and blue. The song is kind of catchy though. Something seemed off about the members, maybe it was that horrible hot pink lipstick they were all wearing. Heavens, no girl should wear that color let alone a guy wear it. Dingo didn't have too much of it on and his scenes were mostly in that dark room so if he had the lipstick on, you couldn't really see it.  Was Sungkyu chasing himself? It looked like he was playing tag with himself. Odd video, I don't understand why there was a girl in it, strange bathroom shots. We didn't even get a good look at their dance. :(

Update: Oh my gosh, I just looked up the lyrics to this song, they have way more "English" that I originally thought. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Super Junior: handome Devils

So this teaser looks super serious and dangerous but for some reason I feel like it'll give off a Mamacita vibe; semi serious teaser, hilarious vide but, whatever they do will be great cause Yesung is back!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

360 degrees of Infinite

So this is interesting; Infinite's new teaser is a 360 degree rotation teaser... Now I haven't tried it but if you open the YouTube app and pull up the teaser you, supposedly, can rotate your phone/body and the camera will move and show you the full 360 degrees of the teaser. Strange. Will someone test this out and let me know if it is true? My phone hates me and doesn't work half the time.

Beast is back!

Woo! The second wave of comebacks have started! The teaser doesn't look like much at first but if you watch the numbers are the dates of their previous comebacks and we get flashes of 2015.07 and 2015.08 which probably means the video will come out end of this month early next month. Fine, we have other groups coming back and it's good to spread them out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Super Junior, acting like Super Junior

I don't even know. I love Super Junior, they are so freaking hilarious. I love that they never take themselves seriously and they always bring and fun filled MV to their fans. Looks like they're giving us another funny MV with Devil. The teaser is a good two minutes but it's great so watch it all.  And Yesung is back!!! Yay!!!! July 16th, is the release date and I think we'll be getting at least one more teaser before then. And don't mind the chicken.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Infinite is back and Bad

Well maybe they're Bad. Infinite MV always crack me up cause they seem so serious. I love it.I know they're probably not trying to be funny with their seriousness but I cant' help but giggle slightly. But they are coming back with a new MV; Bad. The teaser doesn't tell us much of the song, but I feel like Last Romeo's teaser was the same.  In fact, this teaser reminded me of Last Romeo. A member running through an oddly light set, a girl, Dongwoo with eyeliner. Anyone else see this? No? Okay. Similarities aside, July 13th is when we will get the new Infinite MV. I'm excited. I love Infinite. Though it does look like Sungkyu and another member are playing an epic game of tag and Sungkyu is about to be "it".