Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Person Cloned?

I'm still having difficulty getting over how in sync SHINee is. I mean seriously, I'm pretty sure these five guys are so in tune with each other that they probably all stand, move, and end up breathing in sync when they are together. Or maybe SHINee is just one person cloned four times and then altered slightly to look different. Yeah, that's probably how SHINee was really formed.

All of their movements compliment each other so perfectly.
And their formation changes kill me!!


  1. SHINee 화이팅! These boys certainly have a gift. And I've probably said this before, but I love how they make any move look awesome. A step, a head nod, or a wave, and I'm just gushing over how fantastic they look! And how I could "do" that but wouldn't even look close to as good!! And of course they can also do epic impossible dancing as well! They just kill me.

  2. I know!!! Whenever one of them raises a hand or points forward, I squeal. What I love is how they can go from sharp and fast movements directly to slow and smooth movements while still being perfectly matched. It's amazing. I am totally under the SHINee spell!!