Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What makes a Korean drama, a Korean Drama

As F4fighting! and I have been watching Korean dramas, we've noticed a few reoccurring themes. We're not talking about the "boy and girl hate each other and then end up loving each other" reoccurring theme but rather a few things that seem to happen in every drama we watch. So here is the list of things we have noticed.

What makes a Korean Drama, a Korean Drama

1. Drunk Scene: In every drama there seems to be at least one scene where one of the two main characters get drunk.
2. Guy gives Girl a Piggyback Ride: Directly following the drunk scene the remaining sober character, usually the guy, has to carry the drunkie, usually the girl, home and put her to bed.
3. Bloody nose scene: Someone gets a bloody nose from either getting hit in the face with a ball or a fist.
4. Disapproving Parent: The main guy must have a disapproving parent/guardian in order for there to be some sort of conflict that won't allow the characters to hook up. Usually the parent/guardian eventually caves but sometimes they don't.
5. Fighting!!!: One of the characters ends up saying "Fighting!" Or giving a fist pump and saying something that resembles Fighting!
6. F4: A group of 3-5 guys who usually have special talents and are just all around awesome.
7. Sleeping in the same room: The main guy and girl end up sleeping in the same room/same bed, sometimes awkward, sometimes not.
8. Wrist grabbing: The main guy grabs the wrist of the main girl or visa versa. They do this to stop the other character from leaving.

Hmm, my list is getting a little long...

Note: we did not make this list to criticize the dramas, but rather to show our affection for them cause let's be honest, these are the things which make Korean Dramas great!

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  1. It's true!! I love it when these things happen!!! And I'm typically sad when they don't!!!!