Monday, June 11, 2012

Why so cute?

There's something that F4fighting! and I don't understand: G-Dragon. How is it possible for one boy to be so cute but so frightening at the same time? In Fantastic Baby he's all creepy, and then in his solo song Breathe, he's all cute... And even when he tries to be a bad boy in Bad Boy, all he manages to pull off in is endearingly adorable. It seems to be logically impossible to be both creepy and cute at once but he still does it...

G-Dragon Frightening
G-Dragon Cute
G-Dragon Being both Frightening and Cute
Seriously people, I have no idea how he does it, but he should keep doing it. 

G-Dragon in Bad Boy, he tries so hard

F4!fighting here. I would simple like to point out that it's not that he can do both that is so shocking, it's that he does them at the same time. No matter what other image GD is pulling off, he manages to be stinking adorable at the same time. He can't help it. It's an amazing gift. 

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