Monday, June 4, 2012

Tear-jerker, King 2 Hearts, thanks!

A big thank you to King 2 Hearts for making dramajunkie cry for the first time during a kdrama!!!!!! I pretty much cry during all of them, yeah, there is few I can think of that didn't make me cry! But they never get dramajunkie! This moment requires documentation! King 2 Hearts, I am forever in your debt! Thanks!


  1. Thank you for making it known to the world.

  2. Not only did I cry, I bawled (but not sobbing bawling, just tears pouring down my face). Twice. In fact, I still get upset when I think about it. Oh, so heartbreaking.

    1. Let me guess! When Shi Kyung passed away and when Jae Shin plays his video?

      I was heartbroken, but the first drama that stole my tears is 49 days. Amazing drama by the way, if u hadn't see it, u should give it a try!