Sunday, April 6, 2014

Just One Day

BTS' Just One Day MV is out. I'm glad that they didn't go for the Aegyo angle but rather the sweet side. On the other hand, I'm very sad that I didn't see their confidence that they have when they're singing hiphop songs. It's a little rare to see a rookie group with such confidence and I felt like they lacked a little bit of that confidence in this song. A couple of them seemed a little uncomfortable with the sweet concept. It's natural for the Maknae and the younger members of the group to be more comfortable when acting sweet and cute while those who have strong stage personalities and powerful rapping sections might be a little out of place in a ballad. Though the live versions of this song aren't as awkward for some of the members.
I did like that we got to see more of their vocal abilities rather than their rapping abilities. RapMonster is usually kind of strong and forceful with his rapping so it was nice to see him take it down a notch and make his rap fit the soft sound of the song. This song gave the vocalists of BTS a chance to show that they can sing very well. It also gave a couple members who usually don't sing a chance to show that they could be good vocals in the group. I hope that their company and song writers let the rappers have a chance to show vocal talents. Like Minho in SHINee, TOP in BigBang, or Chanyeol in EXO, we didn't know that they could actually sing until they were allowed to and then people complained that the companies should have let those members sing sooner. Some of the members in BTS can actually sing even though they are listed as rappers.
Not a fan of the video cause I'd rather see BTS playing the confident troublemaker bad boys, but the song was nice. I do hope they release another hiphop song after this. We have enough of the sweet and cute KPop guy groups, we need more hiphop groups. Their confidence made me notice them. If I had heard this song from them first, I wouldn't have given them another look because it sounds like so many KPop ballads.

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