Monday, April 14, 2014


And Jackpot is out... Oh Block B, you are so strange. So strange. I don't even know where to start with this MV. That was so odd. I liked the concept of the MV. I liked the circus theme. Block B seems to have a thing for creepy clown masks. I wasn't wild about the song but I'm sure, like Very Good, the song will grow on me over time. The whole thing was just odd. I feel like Speed's music video for Don't Tease Me! would have been similar to this if they hadn't done a live version MV.
Very crazy, nothing serious, wacky, and all around bizarre but fun.
I do like that Block B never takes themselves very seriously cause I think there are too many serious groups with serious MVs and we need more fun and crazy. I like that they do little after credit blurbs. How does the girl repay them for the great makeover they gave her? By flipping the bird. Granted they kidnapped her, chased her down the street, threw knifes at her, cut her hair, forced her into a Mahjong game that turned violent, and I'm pretty sure one of the members tried to eat her at one point. Yeah, Taeil totally had a fork and knife and tried to eat her. I'm pretty sure Jaehyo and B-Bomb were the only kind ones to the girl even though B-Bomb did tie her to a wall. They totally deserved the Bird.

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