Thursday, April 3, 2014

Speed Look At Me Now

Well I guess that drama junkie is wrong every once in a while. F4fighting! and I just found Speed a few weeks ago and we absolutely loved Don't Tease Me! and Zombie Party. I still don't know their names to faces yet, except for Jungwoo, Taewoon, and Sungmin, but I will eventually get them all. Probably.
Speed just released a MV for Look At Me Now. After Don't Tease Me! and Zombie Party, I was a little disappointed. This is kind of a mainstream Kpop video with a dull filming area. I'm not saying the video is bad but I felt like I was watching a regular Kpop dance video. Don't Tease Me! was fantastic and different with crazy wild choreography, an outrageously catchy tune, and fun lyrics. Zombie Party wasn't and amazing video but the song was super catchy and the dance fit the song. This song just reminds me of other Kpop songs and videos which makes me a little sad cause I know they can do better than that.
Also, how often does Sungmin change his hair? Red for Don't Tease Me!, red for the music video of Zombie Party but live versions his hair was purple and then pastel colors. Now blonde. I'm going to say his hair will be blue for their next song; which may come out next month with the way they've been doing things. A video a month? I can deal with that. :)
I'm a little sad that we don't really get any notice of new songs begin released, they just kind of happen. I hope the next video will be better cause I know they can be better than this one.

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