Monday, April 7, 2014

Ooh Ooh

And Eric Nam's new MV Ooh Ooh featuring Hoya is out. Came out about an hour ish ago.
Oh my gosh. Kevin, Brad, and BoA? What are you three doing in this video? Hoya was listed as being featured in this video and song so I was ready for him to just jump in there but you three caught me completely off guard. I love when artists from different companies make appearances in videos. It's a nice surprise. Makes me so happy.
I loved it. That was hilarious. The song and video were fun. The style and humor of the video fit Eric very well. The song worked well with his vocal range. The video was classy. He didn't really dance as much as I thought he would but for a first time really dancing with the backup dancers I thought he did a very good job. I liked the classy vintage feeling to the video with the vintage refrigerator and television. The neon lights and disco balls didn't look cheesy but fit the set very nicely. Guys wearing sunglasses while playing trombones. So very classy.
Two more things. I think Eric likes Mikey Mouse. And Hoya, that is the least effective way to pour Champagne. Very wasteful.
Hey look, Coca-Cola promotion.
I think I could listen to his voice all day.
So much fun. Seriously.

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