Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tis the season for comebacks

With the coming of April means the coming of comebacks for some of our favorite groups.

I know that Infinite is planning a comeback this month though it is unconfirmed when or what the song/MV is going to be like. April 2014 so hopefully we'll get another teaser soon with more details. They did just release an instrumental version of BTD, like today but it's just the members of Infinite getting beat up. And then Woohyun and L beating each other up. I do not want Infinite on my team if I was trying to beat a bad guy.
BTS/Bangtan Boys will be releasing a MV for their song Just One Day from their Skool Luv Affair album. Now I don't follow BTS but I did like their Boy in Luv song after I randomly found it one day. I do like their bad boy style but unfortunately, I've listened to Just One Day and I have this bad feeling that BTS is going to start doing some of the cute type of MVs. Which is unfortunate because, one: it'll be NU'EST all over again, and two: BTS is a HipHop-Rap group. Ballads won't fit them. We do have a teaser picture for the MV, though it seems like a couple members are missing from this... RapMonster is missing, and I think Suga, or maybe Jin, possibly J-Hope. I'm not really sure cause I don't know their names to faces. Sorry all ye fans of BTS, I just don't know.

EXO will be making a comeback with a new mini album on April 15th. Now I'm not sure if a MV will come out on that day or if they will release the album first and then MV later. We have a couple of Teaser pictures for EXO; Kai's, Kris', and Luhan's.
Speed's turn. Speed recently came out with their album Speed Circus and released music videos for Focus, Why I'm Not and a live version/MV forDon't Tease Me! Shortly after they released Zombie Party! as a gift to their fans, but it is rumored that they will have a real comeback this April though not confirmed yet. I'm going to say it probably won't happen till later this year just because I feel like Core Contents Media doesn't seem to take this group as seriously as they should.
Those are the ones that are confirmed for April 2014, I know that May and June will bring us comebacks from SHINee, 2PM, U-Kiss, and possibly Infinite and Girls' Generation again, and maybe one from VIXX, Block B, and BEAST.
Now none of these are set in stone as of now, I think EXO's is the only one completely confirmed as of now, but we can hope.

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