Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eric Nam Comeback

So speaking of comebacks. I totally missed MBLAQ's comeback with Be a Man, which was actually a pretty great song, due to the fact that YouTube unsubscribed me from all my subscriptions and I'm still working on remembering them. -.-' So I totally missed MBLAQ's comeback but luckily I remembered a few of my lost subscriptions, like five minutes ago I remembered them, and here are the teasers for Eric Nam's Ooh Ooh featuring Hoya from Infinite.
We have two teasers and the MV comes out on April 8th. The song sounds like it'll fit Eric's voice and style, that's right, we're on a first name basis, be jealous. I'm interested how Hoya will be thrown into this mix. Dancer? Singer? Rapper? He does it all. OR!! Maybe he's just going to randomly be in the music video just lookin' at the camera making it all slightly awkward. I really hope that doesn't happen. He should sing, or rap, or dance.
We get to see a little of Eric dancing which is something new; also something that he mentioned makes him nervous. I have a feeling that the song won't be serious which is a good thing cause serious doesn't seem to fit his personality. First teaser just gives us a hint of what the song will sound like. Second teaser just teases fans about Eric Nam's dressing habits, cologne preferences, possible living arrangements, and of Hoya's ability to end a video. Is that really how Eric dances in his dressing room? Hmm... that frightens me. One MV, two teasers, five days to prepare yourselves for his dancing. Who knows? It might be terrifying. April 8th.

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